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Web & Mail Security
GFI MailEssentials is available in three editions:
UnifiedProtection Edition: Comprehensive server-based solution that protects your network against spam, viruses and other email-borne threats. It delivers a spam capture rate of over 99%, minimal false positives and up to five antivirus engines.

Anti-spam Edition: Server-based anti-spam and anti-phishing.

EmailSecurity Edition: Multi-layered security against viruses and other email malware.

Features of GFI MailEssentials – UnifiedProtection Edition and Anti-Spam Edition

Powerful spam protection
GFI MailEssentials is a VBSpam-certified anti-spam solution which protects your users from loss of productivity by implementing multiple anti-spam engines for very high spam blocking with minimal false positives.
Protect your users against the menace of phishing emails
The GFI MailEssentials anti-phishing module detects and blocks threats posed by phishing emails by comparing the content of the spam with a constantly updated database of phishing URLs, to ensure that all the latest phishing emails are captured.

Automatic whitelist management reduces false positives
Whitelists enable you to ensure that email from particular senders or domains are never flagged as spam, permitting more stringent anti-spam rules.
Allow users to whitelist or blocklist emails via public folders
GFI MailEssentials allows users to add senders to the email whitelist or blocklist simply by dragging and dropping an email from them to a public folder.
User-managed spam quarantine
GFI MailEssentials can be configured to quarantine spam emails and send a regular report (or digest) to end users listing what spam was blocked for them and allowing them to manually release emails which they want to receive from the quarantine. End users can also access their own spam quarantine at any time through a web based interface.
Instant view of emails from new senders
The New Senders feature provides users with an instant view of emails sent from people with whom they have not had previous email contact, thereby helping users to better organize emails in their inbox.

Flexible options to deal with spam

Eliminate hard-to-catch spam and make spammers’ lives harder
Server-based anti-spam and anti-phishing
SpamRazer™ - A powerful anti-spam engine
Support for SPF – the sender policy framework
DNS blocklist (DNSBL) checking
Bayesian filtering
Regular anti-spam updates
Set priorities for each anti-spam module
Auto-log rotation

Features of GFI MailEssentials – UnifiedProtection Edition and EmailSecurity Edition

Virus checking with multiple scanning engines
GFI MailEssentials uses multiple antivirus engines to scan inbound email. This drastically reduces the average time required to obtain the latest virus signature, enabling a faster response to combat the latest threats. Each antivirus software engine has a different response time to each new virus, depending on where the virus was discovered, and other factors.
GFI VIPRE Antivirus and BitDefender included
GFI MailEssentials ships with the GFI VIPRE and BitDefender antivirus engines.

Scan for email exploits, trojans and malicious executables
GFI's Email Exploit Engine builds on our research into email exploits, safeguarding you from attacks which specifically target vulnerabilities which can utilize email as a vector. This technology is specifically built from the ground up to protect against email based attacks, as opposed to various email protection technologies on the market which were originally built to protect against file based or other endpoint based attacks.
Automatic removal of HTML scripts
HTML email makes it possible for hackers and virus attackers to trigger commands by embedding them in HTML. GFI MailEssentials checks for script code in the body of an email message disabling these commands before sending the cleaned email on.

Protect against spyware
GFI MailEssentials protects you against spyware through its unique battery of email protection technologies, including multiple antivirus engines, as well as other technologies built specifically to protect against email based attacks, such as an email exploit engine, trojan and executable scanner, and HTML sanitization.
Flexible options to deal with malware
GFI MailEssentials gives you the flexibility to choose what to do with malware.

Administrator friendly malware quarantine
McAfee, Kaspersky and Norman antivirus engines (optional)
Norman Sandbox for enhanced malware detection
Granular user-based email content policy enforcement
Custom quarantine filters
Search inside quarantined emails

Features available in all editions

NEW! Integrated web based configuration and management console and dashboard
GFI MailEssentials features a web based configuration and management console from where one can manage all anti-spam and email security functionality in the product, including its spam and malware quarantine.
NEW! Integrated web based reporting
GFI MailEssentials ships with integrated reporting capabilities which form part of its web-based user interface, enabling administrators to generate reports on the emails being sent and received by their organization. The reports are customizable through various options included in the reporting component.
Keyword and attachment checking
Keyword checking functionality in GFI MailEssentials can be used to scan emails for keywords with a variety of purposes. You could scan emails for common inappropriate keywords of a vulgar, racial, sexual or otherwise offensive nature, for example. You could also utilize it as a further weapon against spam by configuring it to block common spam keywords.
NEW! Advanced content filtering
Advanced user-based filtering rules can be used for flexible and granular filtering on any part of the email message, including message headers, subject, body, attachment name and attachment content. Administrators can use one of the pre-defined content filtering rules to block emails with credit card numbers or social security numbers.
Decompression engine
You can use the decompression engine in GFI MailEssentials to scan within a variety of archive types, as well as checking for password protected and corrupted archives, number of files in an archive and their uncompressed size, and recursive archives.
Company-wide disclaimer, header and footer text
GFI MailEssentials enables you to add disclaimers to the top or bottom of an email. Text and HTML formats are supported.

POP3 downloader
Seamless integration with Exchange Server, Lotus Domino and other SMTP servers
Support for virtual environments
Email monitoring
List server for discussion lists and newsletters
NEW! Access control
IMPROVED! Unicode support
NEW! Parallel operation with third-party VSAPI applications

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