Preventing from Data Loss? You Need An EndPoint Security Solution!
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13 February 2009 
Dear Francis,
Regarding the cases announced by the Health Department, the Hospital Authority and the Prince of Wales Hospital also lost a flash drive containing the personal data of 10,000 patients, people start realizing the daily possibility of suffering from the Data Leakage, which those data are supposed to be confidential officially. Staff should delete data on USB flash driver upon the completion of a task. , what if they forget to do so? In this case, organizations are still bearing a high risk of the exposure of personal data to the public. "What should we do?" To prevent the accuracy of these incidents in the current circumstance, there is a reliable and cost-effective solution recommended to you, which can help countering with the EndPoint Security of your company.
GFi EndPointSecurityMXI Security --- Your EndPoint Security Defender! 
Generally to say, the simplest method for avoiding the risk of malware, virus infection and data theft is to lock down all ports, however, this is definitely an unsustainable and impractical way to tackle the problem. So, how can we protect our computer network system and data simultaneously? GFi EndPointSecurity and MXI Security can offer you two ways to fully enhance your office security.
According to research conducted by eMedia on behalf of GFi in the US, few medium-sized businesses consider portable storage devices to be a major threat while fewer than 20% had implemented software to address this risk. How the endpoint security solution, GFi EndPointSecurity help managing portable device use? Being a powerful and user-friendly software, GFi EndPointSecurity gives administrators control over what devices are in use, have been used and by whom and in-depth knowledge of what data has been copied. With a small footprint agent deploying on PC, the agent queries Active Directory when the user logs on and sets permissions to the different nodes accordingly. If the user is not a member of a group that allows him/ her access, then access to the device is blocked. To be benefited from GFi EndPointSecurity you can:
  • Control user access and protect your network against the threats posed by portable storage media, i.e. iPods, USB drivers, smart phone and other portable devices
  • Log the activity of portable storage media like USB memory sticks, SD cards and more
  • Easily configure group-based protection control via Active Directory
  • Advanced granular access control, whitelists and blacklists
  • Real-time status monitoring and real-time alerts
  • Temporary device access
Instead of blocking unauthorized users from exporting the data from the machine, you can also apply some devices which are more versatile and secure than standard USB devices, that will the MXP Security Family.
Generally, USB flash drivers can own a large storage of data and personal information, and it is easy to use and bring along with. To avoid the problem of data leakage when losing the USB drivers, some encrypted USB flash drivers with both password and Biometric (fingerprint) authentication are recommended to utilize. Portable Security Devices of MXI Security enable organizations to satisfy multiple security needs with a single device, all with reduced complexity and more portability, which combines the power of secure storage with identity, encryption and authentication services. 
With the 256-bits AEs hardware-based encryption and different levels of user authentication (password & biometric technology) available, Stealth MXP Family Solution is definitely a preferable choice for you.
Secured USB Mass Storage Available: 512MB - 8GB
With the Stealth MXP Family, you can experience the advanced technology of effective authentication and identity in a single device now.
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