PPN Newsletter March 2009
Archiving Your Messaging Data with Confidence
QUEST Archive Manager --- Enterprise Grade Mail Archiving Solution
IT organizations walk a tight rope between keeping only the messaging data they need per their retention policies, keeping legal departments and executives happy, and controlling exploding storage costs. Quickly searching for and producing electronically stored Information (ESI) is essential to meeting regulatory or investigation requirements, but at what cost? How does an IT administrator ensure that relevant data is made available when it is needed?

QUEST Archive Manager (QAM) is a platform for Microsoft-centric archiving. By capturing, indexing and storing a single instance of messaging data into a scalable and secure repository, IT administrators can be assured of lower storage costs, faster eDiscovery response and strict compliance through the preservation of businesscritical messaging data.

QAM Key Features and Benefits:
  • ZeroIMPACT - QAM captures and indexes new and historical messaging data transparently to end users
  • BuiltRight - Single-instancing attachements seperate from message body and metadata
  • KeepSmart - Flexible retention rules help IT administrators keep on ly the data they need to keep
  • DiscoverySearch - Tagging data for catergorization or later review, only relevant data is exported
With the benefits of eliminating mailbox quotas and reduce costs through single-instance storage and assuring strict compliance through the preservation of business-critical messaging data at the same time, QAM can help companies deal with the data and messaging retention policies and enforcement system in a time and cost effective way.

Your messaging environment doesn't stop growing even though the economy has. Let's minimize your storage cost and start archiving now!

Pacific Professional Network (PPN) is the Authorized Reseller of QUEST Archive Manager and it provides Network Security and Network Management Solutions to her customers. Should you have any enquiries on QUEST Archive Manager, please feel free to contact our Sales Representatives at 2556-2162, or through email: sales@ppn.com.hk. To know more about Pacific Professional Network, please visit our web site: www.ppn.com.hk.
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