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PPN - Newsletter 17 September 2007
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  • Patient Flow Management of Q-MATIC's Healthcare Solutions
  • Q-WIN - Useful Core Tool for Patient Flow Management
  • Benefits achieved with Q-MATIC Healthcare Solutions


  • Greetings!

    The process of patient care is one of the most complex processes in the world. All hospitals and clinics struggle to cut costs, reduce waiting times and improve the quality of patient service. With different and unique situations in each case, Q-MATIC has created various concepts to meet these aims, flexible solutions that can be tailored to any individual need.

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    Patient Flow Management of Q-MATIC's Healthcare Solutions

    An example of hospital can be used to show you how a Patient Flow Management of Q-MATIC's Healthcare Solutions works.

    1. Appointments - Making appointments over the phone, or via internet, or by hospital staff.
    2. Check-in - After identified the patient, he gets a numbered ticket with direct information simultaneously.
    3. Directions - Q-MATIC can provide patients with information and directions by fixed or moving signage (LED displays) or by TV monitors and together with the pre-recorded vocal messages.
    4. Active Waiting - Patients feel waiting times are shorter if they are entertained, as this active waiting gives the patient an in-process feeling.
    5. Treatment - Doctors and nurses can call the next patient for treatment with appointment system and they can have a quick look of the patients' data on screen.
    6. Administration Office - With the records and statistics of the patient flow, supervisors and managers can generate detailed information to reflect the service target levels.
    7. Alarm functions and performance indicators - With the performance indicators, Q-MATIC help managers predict peak times, reschedule staff and increase productivity.

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    Q-WIN - Useful Core Tool for Patient Flow Management

    Q-MATIC's core software Q-WIN generates valuable statistical information that improves patient satisfaction, creates better working conditions for staff while achieving cost-effective planning. with the storage of the feedback information, including number of patients processed, waiting and processing times, new registration etc., records can be retrieved instantly, per day/ month/ year or by office/ department/ clinic.

    Q-WIN can give information on three levels:

    • real-time
    • history
    • forecast
    Managers can obtain the real-time information from the management screen and then, track and monitor patient flow activities to get instant notification when for instance waiting times are exceeded or fall below pre-set levels. Besides, there is a database allowed accommodating third party integration with other applications and/ or external databases.

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    Benefits achieved with Q-MATIC Healthcare Solutions
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    Q-MATIC's Healthcare Solutions are aimed at patients, doctors, nurses, and administration personnel.

    Improve patient experience

    • Privacy and confidentiality
    • In process re-assurance
    • Shorter waiting times and better planning of patient's time

    Improved staff satisfaction

    • Improvement in working conditions
    • Doctors and physicians like the system
    • Control of patient flow

    Improved efficiency

    • Measuring, viewing and tracking patient processes
    • Management can measure performance
    • Real time information and alarms

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