PPN Newsletter 11 August 2008
Rising Your Productivity & Lowering Costs By Well Managing Your Customer Flow
Dear Francis,
Have you ever being annoyed because of the long-line queuing for only a minor stuff, specially when you got a tight schedule? Making customers annoyed is a fatal wound for the business. For this reason, Pacific Professional Network would like to introduce you with a Queue Management and Customer Flow Solution --- Q-MATIC to you.
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Q-MATIC - World Leading Queue Management and Customer Flow Solution Provider
Q-MATIC is the world leading Queue Management and Customer Flow Solution Provider. Q-MATIC has over 20 years experience in Queue Management and has in-depth process knowledge of optimization of customer flow with financial institutions, the public sector, healthcare and retail.
Optimizing customer flow improves customers service and creates a more relaxed atmosphere for both customers and staff. It also optimizes staffing cost, increase revenues and gives our clients added value by maximizing profitability.
Apprehensions Government Considers --- Best Possible Service & Cost Efficiencies
Governmental Departments are under pressure to provide the best possible service to the public while also maintaining cost efficiencies. Managers must deal with the difficult and contradictory tasks of providing quality and efficiency of service, as well as a decent working environment at an acceptable cost level. An extremely efficient service might eliminate lines, but costs are likely to be very high.
On the other hand, poor service by keeping people waiting in a stressful environment is not compatible with sound customer service and certainly does not provide a positive working condition.  The key is to find the correct balance between the service offered and the cost of providing that service. Government offices such as tax collectors or building and planning branches use Q-MATIC solutions to improve their image as concerned customer service providers.
With Customer Flow Management™ (CFM) solutions from Q-Matic you can boost productivity - and at the same time improve customer satisfaction and staff morale. The secret? CFM addresses every step in your customer flow process - from initial customer contact, and on through the waiting, meeting and interaction phases. CFM then lets you extract and collate data from each step, giving you a powerful tool with which to allocate your existing resources and optimize operations.

1. Queuing the customer into the Client System --- When a customer arrives, he/ she enters into the queue. The customer could be issued a ticket, entered into a virtual queue, have a digital photograph taken of his/her face or simply wait in the lobby way. This does two things. First, it takes customers out of a wait-line scenario and places them in a comfortable, sitting environment. Secondly, it tells our queuing system that someone is waiting for a particular category of service and begins tracking the customer wait time.
2. Calling the Next Customer --- When a counter attendant is ready for the next customer, he/she simply presses NEXT on a workstation terminal, on an on-screen queuing application or walks out into the lobby to greet the person.
3. Notifying and Directing the Customer to the Workstation --- When the counter attendant calls the next customer, displays, TV monitors, and audio announcements are used to capture the attention of the customer and direct him/her to the appropriate counter.
4. Managerial Controls --- Queuing Management comes from generating data and exacting control over the entire queuing situation. Q-WIN, our core computer application, keeps tabs on all functions of our system. Q-WIN tracks the wait and transaction time of each customer and allows managers to generate reports based on this data. Managerial oversight makes our queuing solutions a complete package. Managers can get valuable data concerning the productivity of branches, counters and staff, as well as view the overall customer flow. Managers can use this data to make changes in staffing, categories of service or any other issue they see fit.
Enquiries on Q-MATIC products
Pacific Professional Network (PPN) is the Authorized Distributor of Q-MATIC Customer Flow Management in Hong Kong and Macau, We offer to our customers with full range of Q-MATIC products, including Q-NOVA, Q-WIN, Ticket Printer, Q-MONITOR, Display and Recall Terminal. 
Should you have any enquiries about the Q-MATIC products, please feel free to contact our Sales Representatives at 2556-2162, or through email: sales@ppn.com.hk. To know more about PPN services, please visit our website at: http://www.ppn.com.hk.
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