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Introducing the Q-MATIC Customer Flow Management
The brand name which your clients wanna see
1, March 2007
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Who needs the Q-MATIC?
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Q-MATIC is the world leading Queue Management and Customer Flow Solution Provider. We develop, manufacture, install and support a wide variety of hardware and software products and applications designed to make our client's customer service delivery effective and efficient.

Q-MATIC has over 20 years experience in Queue Management and has in-depth process knowledge of optimization of customer flow with financial institutions, the public sector, healthcare and retail.worldwide.

Optimizing customer flow improves customer service and creates a more relaxed atmosphere for both customers and staffs. It also optimizes staffing cost, increase revenues and gives our clients added value by maximizing profitability.

As in many other industries, health care providers must provide a widening range of services to an ever- growing number of patients. They must accommodate changes in best practices and meet mandates regarding patient privacy and access. Improving patient flow, maximizing efficiency and increasing throughput, all-important factors in meeting organizational goals, can often gain revenue and time.

With installations in retail stores worldwide, Q-MATIC has the experience and expertise to help you not only manage all of your queuing needs, but to improve the overall customer service situation in your retail environment. Our innovative solutions within the retail market have helped to create better customer service, increased customer satisfaction and a more efficient environment for staff.

Pacific Professional Network is the Authorized Distributor of Q-MATIC Customer Flow Management in Hong Kong and Macau. We offer to our customers full range of Q-MATIC System products such as Q- DIRECT, Q-NOVA, Display, Ticket Machine and Recall Terminal.

For a more detailed description of our services, please contact our sales department at sales@ppn.com.hk or call our sales hotline: 2556 2162.

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