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06, April 2006 - Vol 4, Issue 1
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Q-MATIC is the world leading Queue Management and Customer Flow Solution Provider. We develop, manufacture, install and support a wide variety of hardware and software products and applications designed to make our client's customer service delivery effective and efficient.

At the heart of every Q-MATIC system is our core software application, Q-WIN. Providing on-line information and storing statistics, Q-WIN helps you create cost-effective solutions that cater to your customer's needs and helps to optimise your staffing. Q-WIN enable managers not only to monitor the entire customer service situation in their own branch, but also in other branches in the entire organisation.

Using our Q-WIN software application, managers or other persons with overall responsibility can study every individual aspect of a branch's customer activities and receive rapid, easily understood reports on the current service level per branch office, region or total. The system generates reports, which show waiting times, transaction times, customer flow patterns and trends for each service category. Decisions concerning staffing can also be made based on the data.

  1. As customers arrive at a branch office, they are directed to a main workstation, self serve kiosk or are greeted by an attendant.
  2. The customers are then directed to choose a category of service, swipe their credit cards, licenses, (etc.), issued a ticket and are directed to sit in a wait area.
  3. When a counter attendant is ready for the next customer, he/she presses the NEXT button on a workstation terminal or on an on-screen software application which send messages to LED displays, TV monitors and audio announcement devices in the lobby. These devices help capture the attention of the customers and direct them to the appropriate workstations.
  4. Each customer is then served or transferred to another counter or area.

The customers queue up along the rope line waiting to be served. When the next counter is available, the counter staff presses the "next" button on the wireless terminal to serve the next customer in queue. The main display flashes and buzz alert help to capture the customer's attention. The main display directs the next customer to the appropriate counter. The customer is being served and the transaction is completed.

Pacific Professional Network is the Authorized Distributor of Q-MATIC Customer Flow Management in Hong Kong and Macau. We offer to our customers full range of Q-MATIC System products such as Q- DIRECT, Q-NOVA, Display, Ticket Machine and Recall Terminal.

For a more detailed description of our services, please contact our sales department at sales@ppn.com.hk or call our sales hotline: 2556 2162.

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Please feel free to contact our sales department at: sales@ppn.com.hk
Sales hotline: 2556 2162
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