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Special Offer : Q-NOVA
More than 20% Discount, valid until 31 March 06
02, March 2006 - Vol 3, Issue 1
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Q-MATIC is the world leading Queue Management and Customer Flow Solution Provider. We develop, manufacture, install and support a wide variety of hardware and software products and applications designed to make our client's customer service delivery effective and efficient.
Q-MATIC has over 20 years experience in Queue Management and has in-depth process knowledge of optimization of customer flow with financial institutions, the public sector, healthcare and retail.

Q-NOVA is a cost-effective customer flow solution that allows you to eliminate lines, increase the effectiveness of your customer service and generate additional revenue.
Q-NOVA features a user-friendly ticket editing application that allows you to change or add messages as often as you like. You can display your logo, advertise special promotions, present important messages or state a simple greeting.
With Q-NOVA, you can decrease both your wait and transaction times while also improving the overall standard of customer service. Q-NOVA is easy to install, simple to configure and is the perfect out-of- the-box solution for your customer service needs. Q- NOVA fits into any environment and can be easily moved anywhere it is needed.
Wireless LED Display
The main display directs the next customer should be served.
Ticket Dispenser
Allows you to print your own advertisements/promotion texts on the tickets, making the ideal way to influence customer buying decisions.
Wireless Terminal
When the next counter is available, the counter staff presses the "next" button on the wireless terminal to serve the next customer in queue.

PPN offers you more than 20% discount for Q- NOVA, valid until 31 March 06...
1) Floor Pad Package
Only HK$22,420 - Original Price at HK$28,134
2) Desktop Package
Only HK$20,125 - Original Price at HK$25,655
3) Wallmount Package
Only HK$20,125 - Original Price at HK$25,655

*All with 1 Year Warranty + Free Installation

Standard Configuration:
1 x Wireless LED Monitor
1 x Ticket Dispenser
3 x Wireless Terminals

*Additional software - Q-NOVA Statistics for reporting which shows:
1) Average waiting time
2) Total no. of people being served
3) Staff performance
Only HK$2,475 - Original Price at HK$2,790

Want to know more about Q-NOVA, simply click the link below.

Pacific Professional Network is the Authorized Distributor of Q-MATIC Customer Flow Management in Hong Kong and Macau. We offer to our customers full range of Q-MATIC System products such as Q- DIRECT, Q-NOVA, Display, Ticket Machine and Recall Terminal.

For a more detailed description of our services, please contact our sales department at sales@ppn.com.hk or call our sales hotline: 2556 2162.

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