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"Q-MATIC reduces the waiting time
and of course - less complaint!" says Kenji Kwok
09, February 2006 - Vol 2, Issue 1
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World-known mobile phones and electronic products suppiler - LG, makes history for customer service of this century. "As the slogan of LG - Life's good with LG, Get all the smiles you want, I could see how much my boss care about customer service!" says Kenji Kwok - the manager of the LG mobile customer care centre. "In fact, after our management had chosen Q-MATIC, the first thing which I could notice is less waiting time for our customers and of course - less complaint!"

Stationed in Nathan Road, Mongkok, clean and tidy, brand new cyber design environment gives LG's customers a good first impression. Moreover, with the installation of the Q- MATIC's Ticket Machine near the front door, which is used to generate queue numbers for different types of services, with 2 categories (Repair Service / Pick-up Service) in LG, all the customers needed to do is to get a queue ticket by simply pressing one of the two buttons on the Ticket Machine, either Repair or Pick-up on their demand, after that, sit back and relax on the sofa located at the middle of the centre.

While waiting on the sofa seats, customers can easily obtain the queue information by watching the big plasma TV located on the wall in front of the sofa. With the installed Q-Monitor, not only the queue number but more update information such as the weather report, Hangseng Index and most importantly, the commercial promotion preset by LG's administrator. As Kenji states "This is absolutely a cost-effective lobby presentation solution!"

After a short period of time, customers would be noticed by the buzz alert which is manually and remotely from any available customer representatives by pressing the "next" button on the wireless terminal to serve the next customer in queue. The main LED display flashes to capture the customer's attention. The main display directs the next customer to the appropriate counter of 8. Finally, the customer is being served and the transaction is completed.
"As simple as 123! Customer service means better, faster and more comfortable - when you lookup in the dictionary in the future!" Kenji says.

Q-MATIC is one of the sponsors at the Retail Finance Asia-Pacific Conference & Expo held in Singapore on 8 March - 10 March 2006.

Visit the Q-MATIC exhibition stand
Q-MATIC will show its Retail Banking concept. A Q- MATIC solution helps to reduce customer waiting time, allows staff to give better customer service and optimises premises.

Pacific Professional Network is the Authorized Distributor of Q-MATIC Customer Flow Management in Hong Kong and Macau. We offer to our customers full range of Q-MATIC System products such as Q- DIRECT, Q-NOVA, Display, Ticket Machine and Recall Terminal.

For a more detailed description of our services, please contact our sales department at sales@ppn.com.hk or call our sales hotline: 2556 2162.

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