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20 August 2007
Pacific Professional Network Newsletter
GFI EventsManager - ReportPack

As organizations grow in size, they require a more structured approach towards event log management and retention. To monitor network security and performance in a thorough way, GFI EventsManager can be a great contributor for you.

GFI EventsManager provides you comprehensive services on four main interlocking catergories: Information system and network security, System health monitoring, Legal and regulatory compliance, and Forensic investigations. Now, there is a GFI EventsManager 7 ReportPack that helps you creating the graphical IT-level and management reports much more easily.

Why GFI EventsManager?
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Generally to say, being a valuable tool, GFI EventsManager not only helps you on tracking when staff swipe their fob, pick up the phone to call home, turn on their PC, what they do on their PC and which files they access during their work day, but also provides you with real-time alerting when critical events arise and suggests remedical action. By clicking the following categories, you can discover more about how GFI EventsManager can get you a fully success on your network.

GFI EventsManager 7 ReportPack
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The GFI EventsManager 7 ReportPack is a full- fledged reporting companion to GFI EventsManager 7. It assists systems administrators in collating and creating graphical IT-level and management reports based on the W3C, Syslog and Windows events activity data collected from various network sources including: Security applications, cross platform operating systems, web servers, network hardware, PABXs, access control systems and more!

From trend reports for management (ROI) to daily drill- down reports for technical staff; the GFI EventsManager 7 ReportPack provides you with the easy-to-view information you need, to fully understand the ever-changing activity of your IT Infrastructure. Fully automated report distribution via email and custom report scheduling allow you true install-and-forget functionality. GFI EventsManager 7 ReportPack will help you turn guesswork into hard and unbiased reportable knowledge!

How to purchase?
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