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Your End Point Security Solution for Data Leakage Solution )
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  • Comprehensive Control by GFi EndPointSecurity

  • Greetings!

    In actual facts, many businesses and companies always ignore the threat that portable storage devices may lead to until something actually happens. From a research, only less than 2% of 455 SME has implemented some endpoint security solution in US. Can you imagine what consequence it may cause due to data leakage? Interesting enough, the result can be unimaginably serious.

    Earlier this year, for example, a former Boeing employee was accused of stealing 320,000 files and leaking them to a newspaper. He copied the sensitive information to a portable drive during a period from 2004 to 2006, breaching Boeing's security policies. The firm calculated that the potential damage could cost between $5 and $15 billion.

    From this case, you can realize how vital a business should beware of its endpoint security. To provide a comprehensive protection of your EndPoint Security, Pacific Professional Network (PPN) would like to introduce a GFi EndPointSecurity to you.

    PPN - Marketing Department

    Comprehensive Control by GFi EndPointSecurity

    To protect your network and data against the threats posed by the portable storage media, by using GFi EndPointSecurity, you can centrally disable users from accessing portable storage media preventing users from stealing data or bringing in data that could be harmful to your network, such as viruses, trojans and other malware. GFi EndPointSecurity allows you to take control over a wide variety of devices including:

    • Floppy disks,
    • CDs and DVD ROMs,
    • iPods,
    • Storage devices,
    • Printers,
    • PDAs,
    • Network adapters,
    • Modems,
    • Imaging devices and so on

    More exciting and new features have been added in the latest version (v.4), and they can maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of GFi EndPointSecurity (v.4) and greatly help on protecting your business network.

    • Advanced granular access control, whitelists and blacklists
    • Real-time status monitoring and real-time alerts
    • Supporting Window Vista and 64-bit version
    • Scheduled deployment
    • Blocking by file type
    • Authorizing specify users or groups to always have a full access to the devices protected by GFi EndPointSecurity
    • With a protection of a user-configurable password, any other GFi EndPointSecurity instances won't have access to the agent management options
    • Browse user activity and device usage logs through a backend database
    • Set up custom popup messages for users when they are blocked from using a device, and so on

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    Pacific Professional Network (PPN) is the primary distributor of GFi product. Should you have any enquiries about GFi EndPointSecurity or other products, please feel free to contact our Sales Department at: sales@ppn.com.hk
    Our Sales Hotline is: +852 25562162
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