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No need to be an event guru! Network-wide event log management
19 Oct 2006
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GFI EventsManager
collects data from all devices that use Windows event logs, W3C, and Syslog and applies the best rules and filtering in the industry to identify key data. This allows you to track when staff swipe their fob, pick up the phone to call home, turn on their PC, what they do on their PC and which files they access during their work day. GFI EventsManager also provides you with real-time alerting when critical events arise and suggests remedial action.

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  • Authorised Distributor (PPN)
  • Why use GFI EventsManager?
  • New Feature of EventsManager
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  • Why use GFI EventsManager?
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    • Centralizes Syslog, W3C and Windows events generated by firewalls, servers, routers, switches, phone systems, PCs and more
    • Wizard assisted configuration simplifies end-user operation and maintenance
    • Unrivaled event scanning performance scalable to over 6 million events per hour
    • Preconfigured event processing rules for effective out-of-the-box event classification and management
    • Automated 24/7 event activity monitoring and alerting
    • Powerful reporting for effective network activity monitoring and immediate ROI.

    New Feature of EventsManager
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    • Network-wide analysis of event logs made easy
    • "Translates" cryptic windows events
    • Centralized event logging
    • High performance scanning engine
    • Real-time alerts
    • Extended event log support
    • Rule-based event log management
    • Advanced event filtering features
    • Event log scanning profiles
    • View reports on key security information happening on your network

    Download Your Free Trial
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    The download is a FULL version that times out after 10 days, unless you enter the 30-day eval key or the full purchased license key.

    Authorised Distributor (PPN)

    PPN - Pacific Professional Network is established in 1995, we start it off as an ISP which provides Internet solutions and system consulting services to businesses and professionals. As year went by, PPN has evolved and has its business diversified. Today, PPN offer full spectrum of services to her customers from SMEs to listed companies and multinational conglomerates which includes System Support, IT Outsourcing, Professional Services, Web Development, Lotus Notes, Network Security and Software Services.
    We are committed to serves our customers and offer them an end to end solutions in helping them to build and develop their business applications on the Net, which will create more revenue, increase productivity and enhance efficiency. Our goal is to become the major player in providing IT services to customers in Asia Pacific region.

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