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8 July 2009

Block The Data Theft from Your Corporate Data Sources


Many businesses are unaware of, or choose to ignore, the threat presented by portable devices in their network environment until some event, ranging from unfortunate to catastrophic, happens. In hard economic times, cybercrime and data leakage increase and endpoints are an easy target. The key to managing portable devices in your business environment is to give your administrators direct control over what devices are in use on your network. With GFI EndPointSecurity, you not only gain control over what is in use but you also know what has been used and by who, and most importantly you gain in-depth knowledge of what data has been copied. 

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iPods, USB drives, PDAs and DVDs - A Real Threat to your Corporate Network. Is your Corporate Network. Is your Corporate Data Secure?


In the current economic climate, the theft of business-sensitive and confidential information by employees is emerging as a real threat to companies. With redundancies being made across all sectors along with rising job insecurity, more and more employees are using the confidential information they have gathered with their current employer.


According to the Ponemon Institute, 59% of people who lost their job admitted taking confidential company information with them either on DVD or using USB drives. Over the past year, security threats from portable storage devices such as Discs and USB drives have made headlines in Hong Kong, for example:


March 2009 ----- United Christian Hospital suffered in data leakage via a lost of USB Drive

July 2008 -------- Yan Chai Hospital lost a Disc with personal information of approximately 3,000 patients stored


Prevent Data Leakage, Theft and Virus Infection with GFI EndPointSecurity


Address the threats presented by portable devices in your network environment with GFI EndPointSecurity which offers these valuable business benefits:

  • Prevent data leaks and theft by comprehensively controlling access to portable storage devices with minimal administrative effort
  • Prevent introduction of malicious and other unauthorized software to the network
  • Gives administrators greater control - you can block devices by class, file extensions, physical port or device ID
  • Allows administrators to grant temporary device or port access for a stipulated timeframe
  • Support for 32 & 64-bit platforms: Including Windows Vista and latest RC of Windows Server 2008



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Purchase GFI EndPointSecurity this quarter and receive 25 percent off list price.This offer applies for new EndPointSecurity purchases only and is applicable until 30 September 2009PPN is the Authorized Distributor of GFI products. Should you have any enquiries on GFI products and PPN service, please feel free to contact our Channel Manager, Mr. Stephen Hui at 2556-2162, or email at stephenhui@ppn.com.hk. To know more about us, please visit our website at: http://www.ppn.com.hk.  



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