Monitoring Your Servers to Minimize the Risk of Unexpected Issues
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How GFi Network Server Monitor works?
Features & Benefits of GFi Network Server Monitor
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If administrators can immediately realize the unexpected failure of the network and servers in organizations, they can react to the problems promptly and this can minimize the negative impacts on operation and business. Only monitoring the network and servers for software and hardware failures unremittingly can help administrators/ organizations realizing the failure immediately. GFi Network Server Monitor is a network monitoring software solution that enables administrators to scan the network for failures or irregularities automatically. With GFi Network Server Monitor, you can identify issues and fix unexpected conditions before your users (or managers) report them to you!
How GFi Network Server Monitor works?

Features & Benefits of GFi Network Server Monitor

Money-cost and time consuming are always important concerns of organizations and IT administrators. To monitor the disk space, services, processes, etc, is really time consuming and there is difficulty to stay aware of occurring problems while out of office. To handle all these by the system automatically, GFi Network Server Monitor is the effective and efficient solution for your organization.
Benefits & Features:
  • GFI Network Server Monitor automatically monitors servers for failures and allows administrators to fix & identify issues before users report them. Alerts can be sent by e-mail, pager or SMS
  • Can monitor Linux/Unix Machines/SNMP enabled devices/performance of network and server
  • Customizable Checks through Scripting for both Windows and Linux/Unix
  • Alerting related to critical states through email, network messages and GSM SMS
  • Active checks such as email availability, website availability, query execution and protocol testing. These checks will actually emulate a virtual user of the monitored services
  • Out-of-the-box monitoring and checks for Exchange, ISA Server, SQL, Linux and Web servers
  • Easy to learn/use and easy to deploy - no client component/agent
  • Provides a range of Active-Checks which verify the services directly by using them and not only by checking some basic ports/parameters

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