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While most companies have anti-virus software, firewalls, email and web content security to protect against external threats, few realize how easy it is for an employee to copy huge amounts of sensitive data onto an iPod or USB stick. This is a particularly considerable and important issue for all financial and banking sectors. Is that the only way to lock down all ports to avoid the risk of viruses and malware? NO WAY! It is neither sustainable nor recommended. To deal with this problem, enterprises need to manage portable device use by installing an endpoint security solution, which gives administrators control over what devices are in use, have been used and by whom and in-depth knowledge of what data has been copied.
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Key Benefits
More companies and enterprises realize the importance of the portable storage devices management. Data leakage is undeniably a tremendous threat for those businesses which got data as their most essential and valuable assets. Instead of the external data leakage, GFi EndPoint Security protects you from being stolen by insider data theft in ways:
  • Blocks insider data theft by fully controlling access to portable storage devices like memory cards, CDs and more
  • Prevents the introduction of viruses and unauthorized software by controlling all endpoint connectable devices
  • Facilitates group-based control over a wide array of portable devices without affecting authorized users
  • Prevents productivity loss by blocking unauthorized uploads of games and personal files from portable storage devices
  • Ships with three protection policies: for laptops, workstations and servers
Testimonials from financial businesses
GFi EndPointSecurity is popularly applied in many industries, particular for the financial and banking sector. Many leading companies have chosen GFi EndPointSecurity as their solution for portable devices management. Please check out what GFi customers have to say about GFi EndPointSecurity in the following paragraphs.
Information is our business. Our Firm's client data is confidential. As Forensic Accounting and work with large Corporate customers represents circa 40% of our business, we need to be able to stop anyone unauthorized from gaining access to the data and then from removing it. GFi LANguard Portable Storage Control (now GFi EndPointSecurity) allows us to control who can put information onto a computer or take information from a computer. With Flash memory sticks that can carry 2GB this is critical.
Timothy O' Reilly
Managing Partner
MKO Partners Chartered Accountants
Dublin, Ireland
Since the introduction of GFi LANguard Portable Storage Control (now GFi EndPointSecurity), I have no longer had to concern myself with physical security devices to prevent the use of the floppy drive and CD drives fitted to our machines. Without GFi LANguard P.S.C., I has no real way of blocking access to the USB devices depending on who the user is. Thanks GFi!
Mark Gould
Group IT consultant
Aurum Funds
London, UK
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