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Introducing GFI MailArchiver for Exchange Email archiving of internal and external mail
19 January 2006
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GFI MailArchiver for Exchange provides easy-to-use corporate email archiving, enabling you to archive all internal and external mail into one or multiple SQL databases, heavily reducing reliance on PST files. This allows you to provide users with easy, centralized access to past emails via a web-based search interface and the ability to quickly restore emails through a OneClick Restore process. GFI MailArchiver also aids you to easily fulfill regulatory email storage requirements (such as the Sarbanes- Oxley Act).
GFI MailArchiver for Exchange leverages the journaling feature of Exchange Server 2000/2003 and therefore provides unparalleled scalability and reliability at a competitive cost. Exchange Server journals all mail to a particular mailbox, after which GFI MailArchiver retrieves the mail, compresses the attachments and archives them to Microsoft SQL Server.

Email archiving for all company mail
  • Why choose GFI MailArchiver?
  • Features for the administrator
  • Features for the user
  • Other features

  • Features for the administrator
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    a) No changes to Exchange mail system
    b) Reduce administration by storing mail in a standard SQL database
    c) Multiple database support and ‘automatic’ database management support
    d) Reduce email storage requirements
    e) Increase Exchange performance by reducing the mail stored on the Exchange Server
    f) Archive all emails to MS SQL Server
    g) Viewing permissions by Active Directory Groups
    h) Easy enforcement of company email policies
    i) Support for other email servers
    j) End the PST hell
    k) Helps comply with Sarbanes-Oxley Act
    l) Helps to comply to other acts and regulations
    m) Optionally exclude email from particular users

    Features for the user
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    a) Access emails from any location through a browser
    b) OneClick Restore a single email to a mailbox
    c) NEW!!! - Support for multilingual user interfaces

    Other features
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    a) Printer-friendly support for printing emails

    Why choose GFI MailArchiver?

    GFI MailArchiver provides end-users with a single, web-based location in which to search and restore past emails through a OneClick Restore. Moreover, increases Exchange performance and ease backup and restoration. Furthermore, ends PST hell by storing email in SQL format. In addidion reduces storage requirements for email by up to 80% significantly.Also helps comply with Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC and other regulations.

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