Attaining Infrastructure Efficiency As Well As Business Agility by Citrix
PPN Newsletter 15 August 2008 
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Dear Francis,
It is so hard and difficult to make a balance on operating and managing the applications efficiently and reducing operation costs. As long as you need to manage applications on 100s or 1000s of user devices spread all over the enterprise, lots of resources and time are always input, and drastically results in a very high cost. Citrix Delivery Center's market leading delivery systems enable IT to dramatically reduce application, desktop and datacenter operations costs and make current infrastructure more efficient and your business more agile. Pacific Professional Network (PPN) would like to introduce this innovative application package to you.
Citrix Delivery Center
Citrix Delivery Center™ is an application delivery infrastructure system that lets IT virtualize application resources, manage them centrally, accelerate their performance and securely deliver to users anywhere.
Citrix Delivery Center is dynamic infrastructure that helps transform the datacenter from a static, production - oriented facility to a dynamic, service-oriented delivery center.
  • Roll-out new applications and desktops in minutes not months
  • Quickly adjust application server capacity in response to changes in demand
  • Apply application updates to all users instantly
  • Reduce new employee on-boarding from months to minutes
  • Make your applications "HQ" fast for everyone, everywhere

Workflow Studio 

 - Graphically compose workflows without scripting
 - Easily automate IT processes across technology components
 - Dynamically orchestrate systems to deliver on-demand
 - Complete desktop virtualization solution
 - Fast, reliable performance for users at any location
 - Reduce desktop operating costs up to 40%
 - The industry's most complete Windows application delivery system
 - Proven application virtualization for servers and clients
 - Reduce Windows application operating costs up to 40%
 - High performance server workload delivery
 - Flexible provisioning for virtual and physical servers
 - Live migration for optimal resource management
 - Accelerate web application performance
 - Ensure web application availability
 - Improve web application security


  • Reduce Infrastructure Costs --- Citrix Delivery Center easily integrates with your existing servers, PCs, networks and storage and makes them more efficient.  For networks, the Citrix Delivery Center can reduce bandwidth needs by 75% through compression, caching and optimizations; for servers Citrix Delivery Center can reduce web server needs by 60% by offloading SSL and TCP connection functions; for storage Citrix Delivery Center minimizes storage and image management requirements through on-demand image streaming; and for PCs Citrix Delivery Center can double their useful life through application virtualization.
  • Enable Agility - Do More with Less --- By delivering applications as a service IT can respond to new business requirements much faster, with much lower capital cost requirements.  The centralized application delivery infrastructure inherently enables users to work anywhere - so Teleworking, Off-shoring and Outsourcing are accomplished with a simple "point-and-click".  Adding new branch offices or integrating an acquired business is also a straight-forward expansion of the existing infrastructure - not a separate, new system with new hardware, software, training and integration.  And Compliance and Business Continuity projects are much easier, and less costly, by leveraging the centralized Citrix Delivery Center.
  • High Performance User Experience --- Citrix Delivery Center improves application performance up to 5X - reducing response times and providing a familiar, easy to use experience no matter where or how applications are used.  Citrix Delivery Center improves performance of web applications, Windows applications and Windows desktops for users in the office (HQ or Remote), when working at home, or while travelling.
  • Security You Can Count On --- Citrix Delivery Center is secure by design with powerful and proven security functions including SSL VPN for secure centralized application access, an application firewall to protect sensitive information from the latest threats, enterprise Single Sign-On for strong password protection, DDoS protection for web applications and tools to control actions and access to applications and audit user sessions.
  • Delivering Applications is a Defining Issue for IT --- Citrix Delivery Center lets you optimize application delivery from the datacenter to the desktop and improve the way your company provides mission-critical software, operating systems and productivity tools to customers, partners and employees. Industry experts agree the time is right to make the move from static application deployment to dynamic application delivery.
Enquiries on Citrix Delivery Center
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Pacific Professional Network is the Citrix Solution Advisor, particularly for Citrix Delivery Center. Should you have any enquiries about Citrix products, please feel free to contact our Sales Representatives at 2556-2162, or via email at To know more about us, please visit our website:
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