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Citrix Access Gateway
13, July 2006



Citrix Access Gateway is a universal SSL VPN appliance that provides a secure, always-on, single point-of-access to all applications and protocols.
Access Gateway is deployed in an organization’s DMZ, and secures all traffic with standards-based SSL. Remote users connect via an easy-to-use, Web- downloaded and -updated client, enjoying a rich desk-like experience. Always-on access automatically and seamlessly reconnects users to their documents when they change locations and devices, or lose connectivity.

Best SSL VPN Solution

Access Gateway delivers the best access experience for everyone: secure access to corporate data for the business, easy access for users, and simple administration and low costs for access for IT.
Integrated end-point scanning ensures user devices remain safe for connection to the corporate network. Access policies determine the level of user access, based on administrator-defined rules and end-point analysis.

Introducing 4.2

Access Gateway 4.2 offers unprecedented information control capabilities with Advanced Access Control, a unique software option that increases control over how information is accessed, and extends access to more devices and users. With Advanced Access Control, access becomes like a dimmer switch, where the right level of access can be dialed and configured for any access scenario.

How to buy?
PPN – Pacific Professional Network is the Silver CSA (Citrix Solution Advisor) for Citrix products in Hong Kong. For more detailed description of our Services, please contact our sales Department at sales@ppn.com.hk or call our sales hotline at 2556 2162.

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