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Citrix - Your Best BCP Plan
08, June 2006



Business Continuity planning (BCP) has become a top priority for almost every firm. Across industries, companies must make sure that key systems, networks, and data are both protected and accessible from multiple locations. Downtime can cost millions of dollars a day.

Most complete solution for on-demand access

Citrix Access Suite is the most complete solution available for providing secure, on-demand access to any business information resource – from anywhere, with any device, over any network. The Access Suite unifies the key access points, capabilities and technologies in a single solution that eliminates the disadvantages of using individual access products from different vendors: fragmented management, performance degradation, security gaps, incomplete visibility, vendor support issues, training issues for the IT team, and sizeable custom-integration costs.

Business Continuity for Uninterrupted Customer Service
Case Study - Addison Lee

Addison Lee offers a total ‘one stop shop’ transport solution, from a private car service to a single courier bike. The London-based courier business has more than 1,500 passenger cars, along with vans and bikes, in its fleet and handles around 45,000 transactions a week. Addison Lee prides itself on its high level of service and guarantees that its booking agents will answer every customer call within five seconds.
In 2005, the courier company used Citrix as their BCP plan.
The two Citrix Access Gateway appliances were designed as a failover system so that when one server is live, the other is on standby. In the event of the primary server shutting down, the failover operation automatically switches to the standby server without human intervention. In this way, Addison Lee is assured of continuous business operations.

How to buy?
PPN – Pacific Professional Network is the Silver CSA (Citrix Solution Advisor) for Citrix products in Hong Kong. For more detailed description of our Services, please contact our sales Department at sales@ppn.com.hk or call our sales hotline at 2556 2162.

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