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What should be done for your company before the outbreak?
We can't stop them but we can prepare for them!!!
23, February 2006
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Everyday we watch TV or reading newspaper, bird flu is always the topic of the hottest headline, highlighting the disease's accelerating spread to new territories, even governments of the countries in the world try their best to prevent the outbreak. Based of the previous experience of sars, Hong Kong government started to do as much as they can to stop the spread, unfortunately, not only the government but also the International health experts, asking themselves: "Why is it now moving so rapidly, Would it be the second sars war?"

Hong Kong government continues to kill all live poultry, to halt the spread of an avian bird flu

The Hong Kong government effort was designed to stop the strain from mixing with other viruses which may harm humans, but in neighboring, a spokesman for the Macau bureau said in a statement released shortly, the H5N1 virus had been detected during a routine inspection by the Macau Health Bureau of local poultry markets, he added that the virus was different from the one found in Hong Kong in 1997, which could be transmitted to humans and the possibilty of infection between human and human remains unknown.
Imagine if this is true, for government's strategy, like the sars, encouraging people to stay home, and some customs of the governments may have temporarily limited policy against people from the affected area. Unfortunately these tasks will definitely slow down the companies' productivity.
As IT professional, you need to set up your BCP plan to ensure your company business will not be interrupted and business run as usual.

Let Citrix be part of your BCP plan
Access your PC from anywhere

Most of the big organizations now have their own business continuity plan (BCP), to ensure that essential functions can continue during and after a disaster. Citrix server is the best selling application which provides full functioning swiftly and smoothly like working in your office beforehand.
No matter bird flu or sars spreading, once Citrix server has installed, anyone can remotely access their own PCs from any Web- enabled computer in the world and work on their own email, applications, documents and network resources in real time (The diagram shows how it works) . New release of Citrix Presentation Server 4 is even more powerful than the previous versions:

  • Enterprise-class scalability
  • Broader application support
  • Increased performance
  • Better and faster printing
  • Improved usability
  • New centralized license management
  • Delegated administration
  • SpeedScreen acceleration of audio, video, image and flash files
  • Increased security options
  • Increased Flexibility

It's fast and easy to use, as well as, no additional software required.
We can't stop them but we can prepare for them, it's time to adopt Citrix as part of your BCP plan.

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