7 January 2008
Series of FAX CARDS - ideal, reliable & flexible
To fulfill different needs of businesses, no matter is Small & Medium Enterprises, or listed companies and multinational conglomerates, Pacific Professional Network (PPN) also takes into account and provides suitable solutions for you. To increase the flexibility and the capability of your business operation, you need to make your fax server to be more powerful and effective enough, and what you need will be a reliable and flexible fax card as a complement for your fax server. In this issue, we would like to introduce series of FAX Cards (brands of Brooktrout, Mainpine & E-icon), and they are all now available for you.
PPN - Marketing Department
Various Series of Different Brands

Using the right fax modem card can make a huge difference to the cost and performance of your network fax servers. PPN offers you a variety of choices of market leading brand fax modem cards to suit your need. 

According to statistic, fax traffic typically accounts for 40% of a corporate telecom bill, the choosing of the right modem card is therefore very important. It can help your company not just saving lots of money but also increasing the productivity, enhancing the efficiency and profitability of your company.

At PPN, you can buy the best fax card available in the market and enjoy our support service by subscribing our support plan.

The V.34 fax board ROI Calculator link below will help you compute the potential savings your organization could realize over the next four years from implementing a V.34 fax solution using Brooktrout's TR1034 intelligent fax boards compared with 14.4 Kbps or 9.6 Kbps fax.


Information Enquries 
Pacific Professional Network (PPN) is now  the authorized reseller of the above FAXcards. Should you have any enquiries on the above FAX cards, please feel free to contact our Sales Department at: sales@ppn.com.hk, or over phone at: (852)2556-2162.
To know more more about the products and services of PPN, please visit our website at: http://www.ppn.com.hk.
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