Limiting Security Damages By Eliminating Least Privilege To Your Users
PPN Newsletter  16 Jun 2008 
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Administration right is the unique and special authority for administrators to monitor and secure the network and system security. However, rights are always needed to be given to the users to run the applications, software installation, ActiveX installation or modifying several system settings. The truth is, nearly 85% of business users log into their computers with full administrator rights. This is an enormous security problem. Unitl BeyondTrust Privilege Manager the only andswer to this problem has been to make each user a member of the Administratiors group and provide them with Administrator login credentials. Being an innovative and pioneer solution, BeyondTrust Privilege Manager can protect enterprises from malware, malicious users and security breaches.
Enforcing Least Privilege With BeyondTrust Privilege Manager 
BeyondTrust Privilege Manager was the first product to enable the security best practice of Least Privilege in Windows environments by allowing administrator to assign end users permissions to required or selected applications. Hundreds of organizations worldwide in industries such as financial, healthcare, government and military rely on BeyondTrust Privilege Manager to secure their enterprises.
BeyondTrust Privilege Manager's patent-pending technology allows network administrators to attach permission levels to Windows applications. When an end user is not running an authorized task administrative permissions are not available - a critical component of a successful Least Privilege management model.

Privilege Manager is an enterprise security software product that allows organizations to have all users run applications and tasks as a standard user. What we do is elevate the privileges that exist in applications, so that we seamlessly solve the problem of local admin rights so that users can use the applications they need to use to their jobs. BeyondTrust Privilege Manager is a Group Policy extension that plugs-into Microsoft's Group Policy Management Console in Active Directory so you don't need to purchase any additional infrastructure. Privilege Manager plugs into what you already have and solves a very serious security problem.  
Enquiries about BeyondTrust Privilege Manager 
Pacific Professional Network (PPN) is the authorized distributor of BeyondTrust Privilege Manager. PPN also provides Network Security and Network Management Solutions to her customers. Should you have any enquiries, please feel free to contact our Sales Representative at 2556-2162, or through email at: To know more about PPN, please visit our website at:
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