Least Privilege Management For Protecting From Malware And Security Breaches 
PPN Newsletter  2 May 2008 
Once inside a company's environment, access to various areas should be restricted based on business need. However, there is a need to allow end-users to run applications that require administrator rights, and install approved software and ActiveX controls. These end-users with administrator rights have long been the Achilles heel of desktop security, as these rights can be exploited by malware and users to change standard desktop configuration settings, install unlicensed software and disable other security solutions. PPN would like to introduce you a privilege management solution, BeyondTrust Privilege Manager, to you.
BeyondTrust Privilege ManagerTM 
A Pioneer in Least Privilege Management
 BeyondTrust Privilege Manager was the first product to enable the security best practice of Least Privilege in Windows environments by allowing administrators to assign end users permissions to required or selected applications. Hundreds of organizations worldwide in industries such as financial, healthcare, government and military reply on BeyondTrust Privilege Manager to secure their enterprises.
Through BeyondTrust Privilege Manager, administrators can attach permission levels to Windows applications and processes. Privilege Manager is implemented as a true Group Policy extension. By setting Privilege Manager policy, end-users without administrative privileges will be able to run all applications.
Protection for computer system via BeyondTrust Privilege Manager 
In what ways you computer system is protected
BeyondTrust Privilege Manager will enable organizations to:
Preserve a standard desktop configuration by allowing users to manage only approved computer settings, such as connecting to local printers
  • Achieve compliance with regulatory mandates by configuring all users as standard users, while still allowing users to run approved applications that require admin rights
  • Prevent unlicensed software installation by allowing users to install only unauthorized software
  • Reduce data theft by preventing access to private data saved locally by other computer users
  • Increase desktop security by reducing the malware attack surface and blocking unauthorized installations
  • Implement least privilege by providing only the minimum amount of privileges and permissions necessary for applications to run
  • Ease the deployment of Windows Vista by reducing the number of User Account Control pop-ups
  • Centralize control by placing security decisions in the hands of network admins instead of end-users 

Through applying BeyondTrust Privilege Manager, standard users can:

  • Run any authorized application that requires administrator privileges
  • Manually change authorized system level configurations
  • Install approved ActiveX Controls
  • Install approved applications
Should you have any enquiries on BeyondTrust Privilege Manager or PPN's services, please feel free to contact our Sales representatives over phone at (852) 2556-2162, or through email at: sales@ppn.com.hk. To find out more products and services of PPN, please visit our website at: http://www.ppn.com.hk.

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