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5 September 2008
Organizations got to manage the Microsoft SharePoint well to ensure the workspaces and documents are under fluent operation. Yet, deploying, managing and protecting the Microsoft SharePoint environments and intellectual assets are in difficult and complicated procedures. Have you ever find a relevant solution/ software for protecting your Microsoft SharePoint environments? If your answer is "NO" or other solutions are not comprehensive enough, there is a good news for you. The DocAve Software Platform of AvePoint is developed to provide organizations effective data protection, disaster recovery, replication, migration, administration, archiving and compliance solutions while being feature-rich and easy-to-use. Pacific Professional Network would like to provide you more information about AvePoint - DocAve Software Platform.
Innovative Changes on the way Administrators Manage SharePoint 
AvePoint is a global leader in infrastructure management software solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, providing organizations the enterprise-strength tools vital for success. AvePoint specializes in comprehensive data protection, disaster recovery, replication, migration, administration, archiving and compliance solutions for all Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies.
How AvePoint Helps Well Managing MicroSoft SharePoint? 
The award winning and pioneering DocAve software is an one-of-a-kind solution for complete SharePoint back-end protection and management. With a Web based management GUI and full monitoring and reporting capabilities, it integrates AvePoint's item-level backup, administration and data management modules into a highly scalable, enterprise level solution for Microsoft SharePoint. Though DocAve modules function within an unified platform, they can be purchased and deployed individually. 
DocAve Backup and Recovery for SharePoint 2007 --- Complete Protection for Your SharePoint Assets
DocAve Backup and Recovery addresses the need for a fast, flexible, real-time time content and platform backup solution for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007, and Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) v.3. DocAve provides full fidelity (including all metadata - securities, version histories customized layouts, etc.) backup and recovery form an individual content item to an entire SharePoint environment and all of its farm-level components.
DocAve High Availability for SharePoint 2007 --- Ensure SharePoint Business Continuity
DocAve High Availability addresses the need for a critical 24x7 fault tolerance solution for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007, Microsoft Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003, and Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services (v2, v3). The easy-to-use GUI enables centralized control for all your SharePoint environments from a single interface. The DocAve High Availability solution is the first "one-switch" disaster recovery tool designed for Microsoft SharePoint Products and Technologies. It is quickly deployed, simple to use, and provides customers with immediate access to a stand-by SharePoint environment when needed.
DocAve SharePoint Administrator --- Simplify Your SharePoint Administration
With DocAve SharePoint Administrator, organizations can egt an universal control over their enter-prisewide SharePoint environments, from individual farm to hundreds of farms, all from a single interface.
Leveraging DocAve's unique distributed architecture, SharePoint Administrator offers a central control for administrators to easily view, search, manage, report, and replicate configuration, security and/or content of across all SharePoint objects (individually or in bulk).

DocAve Extension Archiver for SharePoint 2003 & 2007 --- Efficiently Manage SharePoint Content Storage
DocAve Extension Archiver is the industry's first true seamless business-rule item level archiving solution for SharePoint with full content index and search support. DocAve Extension Archiver is designed to free up valuable space on SQL Servers by offloading content from SharePoint content databases to any local or network drive, file system, or SAN environment. Archived content remains accessible in SharePoint, and is also searchable through SharePoint Search or via Archive Search Web Part is provided out-of-the-box.
DocAve Replicator for SharePoint 2007 --- Replicate Infomration Across Locations
As SharePoint deployments continue to expand in many organizations, the need to restructure or synchronize content between sites, applications, and servers abound. In addition, this content replication must be performed while maintaining metadata, configurations, and securities. DocAve Replicator provides administrators with a single-step, graphical "point-and-click" approach to replicate content, sites, and sub-sites from one location to another within a single SharePoint environment, or across multiple SharePoint farms.
DocAve Compliance Solutions --- SharePoint Compliance, From The Top-Down
Microsoft SharePoint is rapidly becoming the de-facto platform for deploying Web-based collaborative workspaces and a central repository for managing a multitude of content sources in the enterprise. Improved collaboration and document management, however, increases the risk of inappropriate use and non-compliance to policies and regulations. DocAve Compliance Solutions provide a comprehensive, efficient and cost-effective approach for managing business-critical information and records.
DocAve Compliance Archiver
Compliance Archiver extracts SharePoint content into a secured enterprise vault, storing records and audit data, enforcing retention policies, and ensuring compliance with regulations, while providing versatile searching across archived content for legal discovery, audit and review.
DocAve Auditor
Monitoring access to and usage of SharePoint and the content contained therein has important implication for administration, optimization, and compliance. DocAve Auditor tracks and records all SharePoint interactions, including usage, search, and security changes, and provides important intelligence from this information. DocAve Auditor works for both WSS v3 & MOSS 2007, and for both WSS v2 & SPS 2003.
DocAve Migrators for SharePoint --- Simplify Migration to SharePoint
DocAve Migrator modules provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for migrating business-critical content from various electronic repositories into Microsoft SharePoint. DocAve's innovative and reliable data transfer is unique in its ability to granularly migrate content down to individual items while retaining all associated metadata. This lets SharePoint administrators easily automate the process of consolidating multiple content sources into SharePoint, as well as maximize return on investment for content residing in legacy repositories.

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