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MDaemon 9.0 Boasts Performance Gains )
A remarkable value, at an affordable price 30, March 2006
Alt-N Technologies
  • Performance Gains Across The Board
  • Active Directory Monitoring
  • Free / Busy Server, Improved Mobile Support

  • Alt-N Technologies specializes in developing communications software for Internet, Intranet, WAN and LAN applications. Alt-N produces MDaemon, Outlook Connector for enabling Microsoft Outlook sharing through MDaemon, AntiVirus for MDaemon and RelayFax facsimile server, all separately licensed.

    Performance Gains Across The Board

    Pre-release users of MDaemon 9.0 have already noted its amazing performance and improved features when compared to MDaemon 7 or 8. According to one user, “If you want to have an idea of the incredible improvements in MDaemon, simply upgrade from version 7 or 8 to MDaemon 9.0. The speeds in both processing and WorldClient are incredible. Active Directory works like a dream right out of the box. What a terrific job. This brings MDaemon to MS Exchange-killer status.”
    The speed boost results from high-performance multi- threading and significant design improvements to the IMAP, Content Filter, AntiSpam and AntiVirus servers. In addition, AntiSpam now operates as a daemon running as a separate process and capable of running on a separate computer, if desired.

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    Active Directory Monitoring

    MDaemon 9.0 supports Active Directory monitoring. This means that MDaemon can automatically add, change and delete email accounts by detecting changes made within Active Directory. This allows a centralized location for account management.
    MDaemon account properties can be taken from any combination of Active Directory properties using a simple and intuitive ‘mapping’ mechanism. Default settings allow for out-of-the-box operation. Accounts that are deleted from Active Directory can be handled in several ways within MDaemon, allowing you maximum flexibility. Most important of all, Active Directory schema files are not altered in any way by this process, thus removing the threat of irreversible change.

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    Free / Busy Server, Improved Mobile Support

    The free/busy server in MDaemon 9.0 allows MDaemon and Outlook users to query free/busy information so users can see each others’ availability when scheduling meetings or planning events.
    MDaemon 9.0 also improves on its mobile groupware capabilities by allowing PocketPC users to share groupware folders. In addition, MDaemon supports mobility by displaying its content formatted for many other mobile devices, including Palm devices, mobile phones and even the Sony PSP!
    SyncML is an industry-standard protocol for platform- independent data synchronization. MDaemon 9.0 integrates a standards-compliant SyncML server which can be used to synchronize data such as contacts, ‘to do’ lists and calendars between MDaemon users and their PDA, cell phone, or other SyncML compliant source.

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